Hide Your IP Address

When you connect to the Internet  your ISP assign you an IP Address. when you surf the web, your activity can be tracked with your IP address. The IP address can be used to locate a person although not precisely, and trace the Internet activity. To surf anonymously and protect your privacy, you will need to hide your real IP address.

Note: This Article is just for Educational Purpose.

Reason behind to hide your IP address.

⚉By hiding the IP address , people can browse websites anonymously without leaving the trace of their identity.
⚉To access websites and portals that are not available to the IP address's Geo location.
⚉Stay safe from intruders and hackers by showing a fake ID to the world and keeping real IP concealed.
⚉Hiding IP means hiding geographical location.
⚉Hiding IP prevents leaving a digital footprints of their online activity.

Now, let's talk about how to hide IP address.

Some of he common ways to hide Ip and safeguard your online identity are:

Conceal your IP address with a VPN ::
Sign up with these services and when you go online, you will be showing the world fake IP address.. VPN providers that you might consider:
⚈Hide My Ass  ↠http://casualient.com/4Wj
⚈ Express VPN  http://casualient.com/4Xh
⚈ SaferVPN      http://casualient.com/4aJ
⚈ VyrVPN        http://casualient.com/4Zv

VPNs can be free or you can pay for their service. They help you get on the Internet and assign you a different IP address.

Website Based Proxy Servers

This a another way to quickly mask IP address on the Internet.

⚈ www.hidemyass.com

⚈ www.newipnow.com

⚈ www.anonymouse.org

The downside of using these free proxy services to mask your IP address is that most of them become overloaded and are too slow to use. In addition,annoying ads and pop-ups during your browsing.

                                                   IP address hiding apps for android:

                                          VPN Robot is 100% free VPN service for android.

                                           Turbo VPN is 100%  Free  Unlimited VPN Service .

                                   VPN Proxy Master-Free security Also free VPN Service Provider.

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