10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

What is Computer Virus?

Computer Virus is a type of Harmful Malicious Software Programs (Malware) that when executed, replicates itself by modifying computer Software\Program by inserting its own code.The virus makes duplicates of every Program. And some virus is so dangerous that can delete windows file which can make computer software damage.

Different Type of Viruses

  • Boot Sector Virus.
  • Direct Action Virus. 
  • Resident Virus. 
  • Multipartite Virus. 
  • Polymorphic Virus. 
  • Overwrite Virus.
  • Spacefiller Virus. 

10 Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

1. Computer will run slowly.Every program in your computer will process slowly and sometimes there will be a blank window.

2.Your Computer System will freeze up, restart, or crash for no reason.
3.Nothing Responds when you click on an icon and your computer software don't work properly.

4.  Your computer Antivirus program suddenly turn to disable and when you open it the computer will freeze up.

5.You Cannot access your disk drive or your hard disk.
6.You are suddenly unable to print.
7.You start seeing strange pop-up starting you have a virus or that your computer is infected(the name of the virus not heard of and you can't seem to close the window).
8.You start seeing pop-up advertisement window at unexpected (random) times.
9.your have major problems trying to download or install an antivirus software or any other software.
10.You seem to have suddenly lost the icons on the desktop and /or all other program files in your folders.

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